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Art for sale is an art gallery and collection of art collected over the years. I have a background in graphic arts and am an artist and I love drawing and painting portraits. Also, I love to find great art in all the unusual places.

I have many pieces that are very good, signed, numbered, etc. and were found hiding in storage units, garages, and more. I love the thrill of finding a piece of art that has been largely ignored by others. I feel I have a good eye for art and can spot treasures where no one else can. For example, I found a Henriette Wyeth print at an auction. I have priced it well below what it sells for at the Wyeth Museum in Chadd's Ford, Pa. Henriette, by the way, was one of the top American female artists of the 20th century and sister of Andrew Wyeth.

Another piece that made my week was finding a largely ignored framed piece at a storage auction. I did not know the artist but I thought the piece to be great. Turned out it was a Pierre de Belay gouache done during the 30's. Similar pieces sell for over $2,000 and his oils have sold for $4,000 and up. Mine, again, is priced so you can get a great deal.

In the Art For Sale Gallery most of the pieces are signed oils, or signed and numbered prints, engravings, etchings, etc. Oils and some prints are framed but most prints will be shipped rolled or flat. Each piece has been researched to the point I feel comfortable in saying they are authentic. I research signatures and again, I feel each is as I represent it. Any piece sold that is not as I say it is can be returned and I will refund 100%. Each piece has been purchased by me one at a time over time. Each art piece for sale is hanging in my home and I enjoy them every day. But, I have reached age 75 and feel it is time to part with my collection. This is a very eclectic collection as I took each piece home just because I liked it. Isn't that what collecting is all about? Art for sale

Feel free to email me and make an offer.